Pinky Show cats : Profiles



Areas of Interest: Education, arts & culture, U.S. history, current events, religion & spirituality.

Pinky Show responsibilities: research, writing, art & illustration, photography, audio & video production.

Full name: Pinky Cat

Born: 2002, maybe around March (not sure) somewhere in or around Honolulu, Hawaii. For some reason we usually celebrate my birthday on March 11, though I can’t remember how that started.

Family: I don’t remember anyone, although my Mommy left me a note that I still have.

Good qualities: I try to be honest, patient, and have good manners. I've been told I'm a good listener.

Bad qualities: I can be obsessive. I don't know when to quit a lost cause or take no for an answer. I take a super long time to think things through and I have excruciatingly poor social skills. I also probably waste a lot of water.

Gender: Female.

Color: Black with white mittens & socks.

Current location: We move around a lot. We’re usually in the desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, usually around Baker (home of the world’s largest thermometer). Sometimes we are in Death Valley.

Occupation: I just work on Pinky Show stuff and take care of Wheelchair Lady.

Diet: Vegetarian.

Health problems: I have lots of allergies. I’ve been in and out of depression my whole life.

Hobbies: I like reading, making things, learning how to play musical instruments.

Favorite thing to do? Just sitting around talking with friends. If there’s something to eat then that’s even better. :o)

Worst feeling? Feeling like I am wasting my life.

Bad habit: I binge eat unhealthy food when I feel sad.

Best friend: Bunny.

Worst enemy: Privileged smugly self-assured ignorant assholes.

Pets: I have ants in an AntFarm, although the doors are not closed.

Favorite movies: Spirited Away, Throne of Blood, Dead Man, Raise the Red Lantern.

Least Favorite movies: Pretty Woman, Top Gun, and all those other big, stupid American movies.

Favorite movie genre: Documentaries. Also I like watching stand-up comedy on T.V.

Favorite TV show: The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau.

Favorite cartoon: Maybe... SpongeBob?

Favorite singer-musicians: Jimi Hendrix, Suzanne Vega, John Lennon, Wyclef Jean, John Lee Hooker.

Favorite song at the moment: Metal Heart, by Cat Power

Favorite books: All the old Peanuts comic books!

Favorite school subject: I dropped out of school.

Favorite smell: Burning wood.

Favorite quote: "What is the possibility of any change being made for the better when each person is isolated in a self-serving fantasy?" - Ann C. Carver

Favorite foods: I like vegetables.

Least Favorite food: Any food from an old, dusty can with a dent in it.

Fantasy travel destination: I wish someone would show me & Bunny around South America.

A very uncomfortable evening: A party where everybody is extroverted and dancing.

Greatest fantasy: World peace. On a personal level, I wish I had a cat-sized electric bicycle.

Fight or Flight? I hate to admit it but my first instinct is always to run away. I am trying to learn to not run away.

Zoo or Aquarium? I think Zoos and Aquariums should be abolished.

What do you think of love? I believe in it.


Bunny (January 1, 2001 - January 25, 2013)

Areas of Interest: World history, traveling, computers & technology, gadgets, art & design, crocheting, knitting, & cross stitching.

Pinky Show responsibilities: multimedia production, research, reporting, blogging, maintaining the Pinky Show website, making things that need to be made.

Full name: Bunny Cat

Born: 1/1/2001 in a house in Culver City, Los Angeles.

Your good qualities: I'm the best looking one here and my fur is the softest.

Bad qualities: I've been called "grumpy". Not patient with idiots.

Gender: female

Location: desert

Size: I'm huge, maybe around 15 lbs

Fur: grey/white; long/silky.

Tail: very thick

Hobbies: building things, watching small animals, reading stuff on the internet

Interests/Likes: new things, meat, pastries, meat-filled pastries, amusements, things that use electricity

Dislikes: citrus fruits, bossy cats, most people

Best friend: Pinky

The Lowest: tiger poachers and the people who use tiger products. Also people who hunt large animals with guns, whalers who hunt whales with cannons, and so on. They can all drop dead.

Least Favorite color: probably brown. "bright" colors.

Favorite movies: seems like every time I’m channel surfing and I come across The Shawshank Redemption, I have to stop and watch it till the end. Also I thought My Cousin Vinny was funny. The Matrix was good.

Favorite actors/actresses: I like Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken.

Least Favorite movies: I hate so many

Favorite TV show: Flight of the Conchords is funny. Also IT Crowd. Get Smart.

Favorite band: Hmm... maybe Black Flag? Mastodon?

Favorite singer: At the moment probably Johnny Cash

Favorite books: I like looking at cook books.

Favorite magazines: Magazines are boring.

Favorite school subject: math, physics

Favorite personal belonging: I have an excellent mattress that I like a lot

Favorite quote: "Radical simply means ‘grasping things at the root.’" - Angela Davis

Favorite animal: cats, obviously.

Least favorite animal: I wouldn't mind if I never saw another dog FOREVER. Also, I respect them, but I've had major problems with crows.

Favorite place: Napping on my bed in the middle of the day after finishing a long or difficult project, or anyplace during a delicious meal.

Best meal ever: The time I ate home-made ghormeh sabzi for the first time.

Favorite restaurant: The fat guy at Gloria's always gives me food if I show up

Favorite family member: my brother (he died - hit by car on Venice Blvd)

Favorite non-profit: #1 is ours. #2 is Sea Sheperd.

Kung fu or Karate? Kung fu

J-pop or K-pop? I totally don't care

Running or biking? I love bicycles.

Liberal or Conservative? both sides EPIC FAIL

Guns or swords? Guns and Swords.

Chicken or waffles? Chicken and waffles is how I got to be 15 pounds. I am not fat.

Run or fight? Fight.

Historical figure you'd most like to meet: Frantz Fanon

Day in history you'd like to witness: Buddha hits nirvana

Best fantasy: Everyone safe, with enough food and water.

What do you think of love? beyond powerful.



Areas of Interest: Watching television, video games, toys, sports, comics, the Internet.

Pinky Show responsibilities: "Research." Sometimes blogging.

Born: 10/23/2003, someplace in the U.S. We were "owned" by a military family until they abandoned us. Good for us! (Except for when I almost died of malnutrition.)

Big mystery: Who’s older? Me or Mimi?

Zodiac sign: I'm right in between Scorpio and Libra. Usually it's Scorpio tho.

Your good qualities: I'm friendly and I can play with anybody

Bad qualities: I don't really like to work so much

Gender: F

Location: I live in the desert with Pinky & Bunny.

Height: I guess I'm "small"

Weight: about 6 pounds

Hair length/color: medium, black

Eye colour: Me and Mimi have the same yellow eyes

Health Problems: I'm super healthy, except for when I'm sick.

Special talents: I like to design toys & t-shirts and maybe some household items.

Hobbies: computer games, watching TV, playing drums, miniature airplanes, kites and things like that.

Interests/Likes: I love Bunny. She’s like a superhero!

Favorite quote: Bunny says a lot of smart things.

Dislikes: SCHOOL

Best friends: my sister Mimi, Bunny, Pinky, Daisy

Worst enemy: I dun have any enemies.

Pets: I’m not allowed to have any pets. But one day I would like a small turtle.

Favorite color: the kind of greens you find on plants (green/green or green/green/green, etc.)

Least Favorite color: white is so boring

Favorite movies: I love movies that are exciting and funny at the same time!

Favorite actor: Jackie Chan!

Least favorite movie genre: comedies that are just not funny.

Favorite TV show: The Pinky Show, Meow Meow Cat Meow

Favorite comic: Krazy Kat, which to me is kinda like a super old Pinky Show.

Favorite books: Frank by Jim Woodring. Moby Dick.

Favorite newspaper: National Enquirer

Favorite school subject: I like science, if I can take it out of school.

Favorite personal belonging: I would love a treadmill!

Favorite smell: Shrimp! And other shrimpy smells!

Favorite Mexican dish: 1st place: anything with shrimp in it, like a burrito! 2nd place: Chile rellenos! Unless Bunny puts a shrimp in it, then it’s 1st place!

Favorite animal: if flying squirrels are real then I will choose them.

Least Favorite animal: lizards and anything shaped like a lizard

Favorite time: playtime and naptime are tied!

Favorite season: summer! it’s vacation time!

Supremely un-exciting: schoolteachers, Pac-Man

Dangling string or fake mice? dangling string

Sharks or Tigers: Neither! They are both terrifying!

Pepsi or Mountain Dew: Neither! One day I will design my own soda!

Cows or horses: tiny horse! I want to ride it!

Molecular Biology or Biochemistry: ??!?

Old or new? Old stuff! Unless they are electronics, then new!

Liberal or conservative? I don’t really follow newspaper stuff but probably I'm mostly in the middle.

Dream holiday: Develop my own video game at video game factory with lots of engineers and artists doing what I tell them to do!

Favorite fantasy: All the stuff in that Imagine song!

What do you think of love? Unconditional love!



Areas of Interest: Occidental & oriental medicine, history of science, math, economics, popular culture.

Pinky Show responsibilities: Accounting, making sure the bills get paid, assorted boring paperwork.

Date of birth: 10/23/2003

Your good qualities: 1) disciplined. 2) very plush

Bad qualities: I'm not what you would call “friendly” or "nice"

Gender: f

Kittens: 1 (Zoe)

Location: Los Angeles

Height: tall

Weight: 10 lbs

Tail: very long

Hair length & color: short, grey, typical rat color.

Hobbies: no time for hobbies

Interests: doctoring, studying, handbags

Talents: good at hiding, high pain tolerance

Dislikes: don't touch or move my stuff around without asking me first. don’t try to carry me.

Pet peeves: mess, unlabeled boxes, noisy things like mopeds or children playing piano

The Lowest: liars

Unrealistic wish: personal jet for unlimited luxury travel

Least Favorite movies: time-wasting "romantic" Hollywood films

Favorite reading category: bio/medical social histories, medical journals

Favorite school subject: didn't enjoy school much, just had to do it.

Favorite personal belonging: I have a small collection of vintage eyeglasses.

Favorite quote: "Habit is the nursery of errors." - Victor Hugo

Favorite place & time: behind the big rock; day off

Favorite foods: unseasoned vegetables

Favorite Restaurant: La Playita. I take Kim to have a shrimp burrito every time we're in LA.

Theoretical Cat

Full name: Drittens Cat

Nickname: Theoretical Cat, TC, Theo

DOB: January 13, 2008

Gender: 60% Male

Size: Small

Fur: I have stripes.

Tail: Regular, with stripes.

Originally From: Culver City, Los Angeles

Current location: Pinky Show desert studio near Death Valley

Your good qualities: I try hard even if I'm not talented in something.

Bad qualities: I'm not good at talking to people.

Hobbies: I like to cook, reading. I enjoy working on assignments.

One day I would like to: Learn Zen archery

Interests/Likes: I want to help keep the Pinky Show going. I like magic.

Dislikes: I'm not good at handling stress. Noisy environments, parties.

Least Favorite: "Successful people."

Favorite movies: Ed Wood, Burden of Dreams, Dr. Strangelove, Young Frankenstein, Seven Samurai, The first Star Wars, The first Dirty Harry, Harry Potter (I can't remember which one), etc.

Favorite TV show: Columbo.

Favorite kind of music: I like many kinds of music, but my record collection is mostly heavy metal music, hip hop, and Motown stuff from the 60s and 70s. Sometimes Disco.

Favorite books: History books, cook books, Japanese comic books, zines. Sometimes I like reading self-help books.

Favorite quote: "Freedom is not given to us by anyone; we have to cultivate it ourselves." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Favorite place: I like the desert around here.

Best meal ever: I don't remember all the things we ate but the time Bunny cooked New Year's Day breakfast for all of us and we just sat around and talked until breakfast the next day.



Full name: no individual names, just age, rank, & responsibilities.

Date of birth: ongoing.

Zodiac sign: all.

Your good qualities: disciplined, industrious, selfless.

Bad qualities: not particularly imaginative.

Gender: female (mostly).

Location: Pinky's AntFarm.

Height: we are very, very small.

Weight: almost insignificant.

Color: black.

Eye color: also black.

Population: varies, depending on food availability.

Hobbies: no time for hobbies.

Interests/Likes: no time for interests.

Dislikes: salt, hot sand.

Best friend: Pinky is our leader, she has never forgotten to feed us.

Pets: we want aphids

Favorite movies: whatever Pinky's watching.

Favorite school subject: math.

Favorite personal belonging: we don't believe in ownership of things.

Favorite smell: we’re attracted to food.

Favorite actors/actresses: don't know, don't care.

Favorite quote: we don’t read or talk much.

Favorite animal: dead.

Favorite place: in the shade.

Favorite time: pupa stage.

Favorite food: not picky.

Favorite candy: again - not picky.

Favorite family member: we're all the same, except for our Mother.

Liberal or conservative? very conservative.

Bananas or apples? bananas somewhat easier to carry.

Coke or Pepsi? both same.

Earthquake or tornado? all disasters produce massive food availability.

Fantasy: PinkyFarm?

What do you think of love? interesting concept.