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People often forget that we will not have a world-society defined by peace and justice unless we are willing to fight for it, one mind at a time. So far The Pinky Show has been successful in bringing our cat perspective to a fairly large international audience - 8 million+ viewers from over 155 countries. Yay!

But keeping our project alive has been extremely difficult. Fewer than 1 out of every 20,000 viewers actually take it upon themselves to support our work. We realize The Pinky Show will probably never be as widely loved as Hollywood-produced masterpieces such as Top Gun or Pretty Woman (*gag*), but we think our perspectives are valuable and our goals worthwhile. We hope you feel the same.

We depend on donations from people like you to keep The Pinky Show going. Donations allow us to create new work, keep previous work available and free to millions of students & teachers worldwide, upkeep equipment & software, and most importantly, not die of starvation. Donations also help keep The Pinky Show commercial-free - especially important because 1) advertisements are annoying, and 2) without the predatory influence of commercial interests constantly looming over us, we're free to be honest.

If you've ever thought it'd be nice to support a small, hard-working organization that's really making a positive difference, there's never been a better time than right now! Please show your support by making a donation today. Thank you!

Best wishes,
pinky & Bunny