Associated Animals is for creating new consciousness.

Associated Animals Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization formed for the purpose of cultivating intellectual curiosity, openness, and compassion. We believe that actively engaging in the betterment of society - both in thought and action - must be seen as a daily activity for ordinary people, and not the exclusive realm of activists, politicians, and experts. We consider the mainstreaming of progressive ideals to be part of a broader strategy to create a more aware citizenry, one that is more apt to understand, support, and participate in the vital work already being done by social change organizations. Our goal is to create projects that inspire adults and young adults to action through many examples of creative thinking and radical possibilities. We believe that positive social change starts with ‘right intent’, and think of our work as the planting of social justice seeds.

Since the launch of our first project, The Pinky Show, in 2005, we have busied ourselves with the creation of accessible and friendly-feeling educational projects that speaks directly to positive values such as fairness, compassion, and intellectual openness. Our method is simple: 1) speak in a language that people can easily understand; 2) bring forward information and perspectives that challenge our assumptions and conception of the world around us; and 3) openly question the things we use to define our place in the universe (our identities, relationships, and consciousness itself).

Now, as we begin our 10th year, we intend to build on the foundation we have created to include new projects capable of demonstrating how positive values can drive and sustain creativity, caring relationships, and healing work, long-term, in the real world.