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Sometimes it's easier to let others describe what you're doing, rather than trying to explain everything yourself. So here, in no particular order, are some quotes about The Pinky Show that seem to confirm that our program is "The most important and fabulous show ever created in the history of Planet Earth."*

[ * Bunny's quote ]

"I recommend The Pinky Show... [it's] one of my favorite things in the whole world. ...They do all sorts of weird educational videos on strange topics. ...I find it oddly compelling... (applause) We've got a link to the Pinky Show... in case you want to spend hours of time like I do listening to a cartoon kitten explain international war crime law to you!"
- Rachel Maddow, Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC & Air America Radio)

"Tight, savage, calm." - mediareport @ MetaFilter

"The Pinky Show received a lot of attention in 2010 and for good reason. Using unstoppably cute animation, the creative duo behind The Pinky Show is presenting unflinching critical analysis of some of the most difficult political issues of the day."
- Michael Lithgow, 9 Amazing Political Art Projects of 2010, ArtThreat

"...wickedly accurate...." - Elizabeth Merritt, Founding Director, Center for the Future of Museums

"If sound bite filled news stories leave you longing for perspective and analysis, The Pinky Show might be just what you need... If you spend some time with Pinky, you'll walk away feeling informed, enlightened, and inspired to question and explore."
- Kim Place-Gateau, Bitch Magazine

"For anyone interested in education, it is a veritable feast of audiovisual materials aimed at challenging many of the one-sided dominant social and political myths and ideologies circulating in North American public culture."
- Michael Lithgow, ArtThreat

In contrast to standard educational models, The Pinky Show lacks the trappings of authority. Charmingly and amateurishly animated cats earnestly deliver their research with subjectivity. A typical episode might begin, “So, I was wondering...” No one asks Pinky, a round-eyed, black-faced cat with a white snout, what her credentials are - the cats skirt the dehumanizing structure of authority.
- Sandee Moore, Uptown Magazine

“Noam Chomsky by way of Hello Kitty.” - Alison Gillmor, Winnipeg Free Press

“[The Pinky Show]’s gentle, goofy girlyness... tweaks the myth of revolution as a heroic masculine endeavour. Forget Che fighting in the jungles of Bolivia: Pinky and her stuffed rabbit are ready for anything.”
- Alison Gillmor, Winnipeg Free Press