Ready to Go

Added on by PS Cat02.

Finally got back some equipment today I've been waiting for to be repaired for weeks. It sure took a while, but all of our equipment seems to be working together now and I think I can finally say that our little production studio is ready to go.

One of the disadvantages to living way out here in the borderlands is how long it takes to fix things if (when) things do go wrong. Not to mention we are severely under-equipped to begin with. And lack a knowledgeable staff (and budget) to properly operate or maintain the equipment we do have. I also don't think we have any funding coming our way, in the foreseeable future anyway, to acquire new equipment (not that we'd be able to afford any training for said vaporware anyway)… Disaster? Maybe. Pinky keeps telling us not to worry too much, that all we can do is try our hardest to make this thing work and keep going as long as possible, and hopefully something good will happen.

Which reminds me, I have to get the donation page working. We're going to need donations if we want to keep this website up, running, and commercial-free.

~ Bunny