Bumper Stickers

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One of the things I like to do to relax is to browse the internet. I guess you could say it's kind of like a hobby (I've heard people call watching television their hobby - that's also pretty bad). I don't really like to do physical activities like exercising (yeah, I know), and there's not too many things to do around here that anyone could call 'amusements', so reading, talking with friends, looking for stuff to eat (and then eating it), and browsing the internet are what I like to do best. Which brings me to the subject of today's entry - annoying bumper stickers. Here's one of the stupidest ones I found tonight:


Not really sure what to say about it other than this bumper sticker makes no logical sense to me at all (if anyone out there can educate me as to how U.S. soldiers have saved us from speaking Arabic, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, or [insert evil/inferior foreign language here], please feel free to e-mail me a mini-history lesson). Okay, here's another:


Aren't human beings also made of meat...?

Yesterday Bunny and I were arguing about something (not bumper stickers) and she implied that I'm a humorless slug (by calling me a "humorless slug"). I may be a slug (see exercise thing, above), but I don't think I'm actually totally humorless. But I've noticed that whenever I don't laugh at something somebody else thinks is funny (no matter how offensive or stupid that thing may be), suddenly I'm 'humorless'. Like now.

~ pinky