Recording Booth; Mimi Wire

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Happy New Year! Things have been pretty hectic around here these past few weeks. You probably thought we were just lazying around not producing new episodes, but actually we've been doing all kinds of stuff recently. First, we've been building a small recording booth. It was pretty rough going for a little bit (we have no construction experience) but finally we are almost done. If this works out like how we hope it will, this new recording booth will allow us to make episodes faster and easier. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who made a donation over these past few months. We saved up the money and used it to buy wood, screws, foam, paint - all the materials. Tomorrow I'm going to build a little table to use inside the recording booth (just something to put our papers on while we're in there); many thanks to our friend Tim in Los Angeles who donated the very nice table legs that I'll be using.

So anyway, here it is, our current production que: two new blurbs; a follow-up Q&A episode to the Lt. Watada episode (061222-01); an episode about pollution in the Pacific Ocean; a tutorial on how to videotape an interview; a mini-biography episode (Bunny's current pet project); and hopefully, if we can coordinate it, an episode about nuclear non-proliferation.

Very scary: Last Sunday (Jan 7) Mimi was playing with some wire and we don't know exactly how she did it but somehow she got it wound around and around really tight on her paw. The more she tried to get it off the tighter it got and I'm sure it was really painful. By the time we found her a few hours later it was almost impossible to take off but after a long struggle we finally cut it off with pliers. It's been four or five days but Mimi still can't walk good (nerve damage?), but we're just relieved that she didn't lose her paw. So everyone out there, please be super careful when playing with wire, rubber bands, and things like that.

Hmm. Looking over my diary entries from last year, it's pretty obvious that I am not a write-in-your-diary-everyday kind of cat. But I want to be - I do know how important it is to keep a written record of your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and so on. If you don't write things down it's almost like they never happened.

~ pinky