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In the past few months the number of people watching The Pinky Show has been increasingly quite a bit. And with more viewers we've also been getting more e-mails. Some of them include what I think are 'odd' questions (I don't mind). Like this one:

Dear Pinky,

Are you and the others all strays? Did you used to be owned by anybody? I'm curious because I have a cat named Tanya and I was wondering if she too may be considering making a break for it too!

Manning, TX

I feel pretty conflicted about human beings. On one hand I'm generally not impressed with the way human beings treat animals. On the other hand I'm sure there are lots of people out there that are capable of having a mutually respectful relationship with a cat. I consider each person on an individual basis.

But to answer Elizabeth's question, "yes we are strays" (though we prefer the term 'dissociated'). My personal history is a bit murky - but here's everything I know: I was born somewhere on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. When I stopped being a kitten I was taken to and left at the Humane Society, where I was then 'adopted' by some nice people and taken to live in a house. (trivia: According to Humane Society records, my original name was 'Georgia'.) Anyway I stayed there, living in relative luxury for a couple of years, before leaving for Los Angeles in 2004. So I guess you can say that regarding living arrangements and human beings I've been 'mostly dissociated since 2004′. I say 'mostly' because I still correspond with my last human being family (who actually helps us with some aspects of The Pinky Show) - unlike Bunny, Kim, and Mimi who were VERY HAPPY to leave their humans behind. Tanya - if you are considering "making a break for it", please be sure to have a plan beforehand - it's an extremely dangerous world out here (for cats).

Bunny has been very focused on her doll making and is making good progress (the reviews have been mixed - I think they look really good, Mimi says they are 'creepy'). I, on the other hand, have done only one lesson of Chinese (Mandarin) and that's all. That language is so difficult it's not even funny. The pronunciation is a killer and it has different intonations you have to remember for each syllable. It's so hard I've even been practicing my bass guitar extra as a way of avoiding practicing my Chinese. :P

~ pinky

 Dolls v2.0

Dolls v2.0