My Doctor Visit; Fundraising

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Today was my turn to visit Dr. Wendy. The visit was short, maybe 20 minutes, because basically I'm pretty healthy. She gave me a shot and put me on the same heart worm medication that Bunny is on. The heart worm medication is about $50 for a 3 month supply for the two of us. All together our check-ups cost over $300. I think in the future we're going to have to stagger our visits to the doctor because the way it is now, we both go at around the same time and then we are broke. I have no idea how we are going to pay for food and electricity next month. Our bank account is nearly empty and it's interesting how that directly affects how much time we can spend on creating new episodes.

We need to do some fundraising. Maybe in the short term we can sell some t-shirts or cookies or something, but if we want to be able to keep working on The Pinky Show, eventually we're going to have to do something more ambitious.

Fundraising idea #1: Bunny stands on a tall pole. You know who David Blaine is? A few years ago he stood on a 90 foot high pole (22 inches wide) for over 30 hours without eating or sleeping. At the end he jumped off into a pile of cardboard boxes. Scary. Well Bunny says she can stand on a pole twice as high as that (and narrower on top too) for even longer. I'm not crazy about this idea because I don't know how we'd ever build a pole that large to stand on, and anyway, it just sounds too dangerous.

conceptual rendering

Fundraising idea #2: I walk across the country, from Los Angeles to New York. I could bring a video camera and interview interesting people I meet along the way. I've always wanted to see this country from 'up close'. Negative: I'm kind of worried about getting run over by a car or truck along the way.

Fundraising idea #3: Apply for grants. Not as exciting as #1 or #2 but also less likely to result in death.

I'm trying to remain optimistic that we'll be able to find some kind of solution to our money problems fairly soon. Either that or this little experiment of ours is over.

~ pinky