"My Ants" or "Just Ants"?

Added on by PS Cat02.

Lately we've been having an escalating ant problem. Not with my ants (my AntFarm™ ants) but for some reason the 'wild' ant population around here seems to have quadrupled in the past month or so. They've been getting in our food, they try to make nests among our books and papers - today I even found some walking on our computer. When I opened up the computer case I totally freaked out - they were moving in! (carrying baby ants in, etc.) Gross! I'm sure a thousand ants living in the computer would make it crash and then we'd lose all our data. I shut down the computer, I told them to leave immediately; they ignored me and kept on bringing more ant-stuff. I tried to brush them away with a feather duster but then they just ran all over the place and made me all confused and panicky. It was insane, there were just too many of them. I followed their ant trail outside to their giant ant nest and when I saw that there were several thousand more of them out there, I realized that I really had to do something to stop them. I mean, I love ants, but these ants are sort of like out-of-control or something, and we can't have them destroying our computers (we can't make The Pinky Show without computers). So Bunny and I walked into town and... (*gulp*) bought some ant poison. I feel so awful even saying that. When we came back I said a prayer and we dropped a bunch of ant poison into all the big ant nests we could find around here. Then I cleaned off the computer as best as I could and moved it to a new location. It's been about 6 hours since I poisoned the ants and already there's noticeably fewer ants walking around. Some of the ants I do see here and there look weak and disoriented and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they fall over and die. I feel really sad. Isn't it so strange how I love my AntFarm™ ants so much and I wouldn't ever do anything to harm them; yet these other ants, just because they don't live in a small plastic container I felt like I had to kill them all? Other than the plastic container, I think actually all ants are the same.

~ pinky