Bunny Visits the Doctor

Added on by PS Cat02.

All of us go once a year to the doctor and today was Bunny's turn. I don't think any of us enjoy visiting Dr. Wendy even though on a personal level she is a nice person. Every visit involves a lot of poking, grabbing, shining bright lights in our eyes, and so on. But we go anyway because I guess it's important to try to be healthy. That and going to the doctor is the only way I know of where we can get heart worm medicine.


I don't know exactly why but Bunny was SO cranky today and we all had to basically shove/drag her all the way to the doctor's office (not easy since she is really strong!). And when she got there she also fought and struggled with Dr. Wendy and assistant, but of course they are much larger and stronger and have four hands and a towel to wrap her with, so Bunny eventually lost.


The most shocking part to me was when they washed out her ears - they were so dirty inside. Dr. Wendy says Bunny is being lazy and not grooming enough. I guess we will all be grooming more from now on. Next Friday is my turn, bleh. Not looking forward to that...

So anyway, when Bunny got home she went straight to grooming then right after that she went to sleep. It's almost midnight and she's still sleeping - all that excitement must have wore her out.

~ pinky