1st Pinky Show T-Shirt Design Chosen

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We've been keeping track of the voting for a few weeks, and it seems that these two are, by a pretty decent margin, the most popular:


Being that it's kind of hard to anticipate how many people are really going to order a t-shirt, we decided to just make one design to start off with. If we do get orders and people want more desigs, we were thinking we could always add more later.

Anyway, after some discussion we decided to do the design on the right (the one where I'm standing up). We chose this one for a couple of reasons: 1) it's a one-color design (easier to print than the 4-color design on the left); and 2) we thought it was a little weird to have just my severed head on a t-shirt without the rest of me.

Personally I also like that design the best because it doesn't say "The Pinky Show" or have our URL on it. I know that's supposed to be 'good advertising' but I think maybe people who like the Pinky Show might just want a t-shirt with a Pinky Show-type picture on it, without having to become a walking billboard for our show. I figure if people really want to help us get more viewers it probably makes more sense for them to just tell their friends about us. I doubt anybody ever sees a URL on a t-shirt and thinks to themselves, "gee, I better memorize that URL and remember to check that out later today when I get home from work...". You know what I mean. So now it'll just be a very quiet and semi-secret relationship between me and the person wearing the shirt. Does that make sense?

We still have to buy some 'blank' shirts and also practice our screen printing technique. Assuming they come out nice, we'll send out an announcement via the newsletter when we have some shirts ready to go.

Okay, that's everything going on in the world of t-shirts. Back to work - Bunny and I are still working on the Iraq War episode. These episodes take a while because we like to double- and triple-check all the information, over and over again. Mimi & Kim are on vacation at the moment. Our goal is to be done with the episode and surprise them with it when they get back next Monday night. It'll be tight; there's still quite a lot to do.

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