Bunny Mailbag for August 29

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Idiot e-mail for today:

Your Cats With Guns video was a fairly lame attempt to defend your product. Couldn't you just admit that you thought a cat with a gun would have some kind of mass appeal and you were trying to profit off this? Did you actually claim that guns could also be thought of as symbolistically good and peaceful icons? Are you proud to have a Russian gun on a logo which is infact simplistically representative of you, your site, and shows? Keep up your mindlessly-slow drivel paraphrasing wikipedia entries. Better luck next video. You'd probably do better to have cats actually using guns in your shows. "For oppression?" Perhaps.
- Nick


Dear Nick, You are annoying. Why would you assume everyone who opposes a particular war and occupation (Iraq) or is critical of U.S. imperialism (Iraq, Vietnam, Spanish American War, etc.) must therefore universally oppose all forms of violence, including violent resistance to state-sponsored terrorism? Please put down your Gandhi coloring book for 5 year olds and enter the real world of complicated, conflicted, or otherwise messy ideas. Unless you are 5, then 'Very gooood!'... Goodbye, Bunny


[ Pinky's note: Gee Bunny, kind of harsh, don't you think? ]


[ Bunny: No, not really. ]


[ Kim: I like Bunny Mailbag. ]