Zines vs. Videos

Added on by PS Cat02.

About a week ago we finished making a zine (a 'zine' is basically a self-published mini-book) for our friends over at Radical Education (Ljubljana, Slovenia). They printed a bunch of them and took them to the Istanbul Bienale, where it was then handed out to people interested in radical education from all over the world. Pretty cool.

The idea we had at the time was that we'd then translate some of mini-stories in the zine into videos and then post them in our episode archive, kind of like what we had done for the globalization comics series. But after making one of the stories into a video format, we decided that we liked the content better in its original zine format. The different parts of the zine just worked better when they were kept all together as a whole, with one story immediately following another. So we're just posting the zine as a pdf file (kind of like a downloadable 'digital book') in our episode archive. It's not a video, but we were planning to post other non-video materials in the future anyway so I guess it's not a big deal.

We'll get back to posting more video-type episodes as soon as we're done with our current episode in development, a medium-length video (about 15 minutes) about illegal immigration. Till then, I hope you enjoy the little book.

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