2008: Cats to Hawaii

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Hi everybody - Happy New Year!

Bunny and I got back from our desert walk yesterday - a few days sooner than we had originally planned. What happened was I accidentally stepped in a hole and hurt my leg. I can't walk so good now so we came back. Not a great way to start out the new year but as Bunny pointed out, at least I wasn't run over by a car or get bitten on the face by a rattlesnake. That's Bunny - always looking on the bright side.

We did get some things resolved though. For one thing, a rough schedule for the first part of this year has been mapped out. I've been wanting to learn more about where I've come from. Not just literally ("I'm from Hawaii"), but also I feel like I need to understand more about where I've been and why I am the way I am, before I can clearly see the path I need to follow in the future.

I think I mentioned it before that I was born (somewhere) in Hawaii, right? Well I left Hawaii when I was pretty small because I was feeling really curious and wanted to see the U.S. mainland. That's when I left home and not too long after that I met Bunny, we traveled around for a while, and then afterwards we settled here in the desert and started doing The Pinky Show. But lately I've been thinking about Hawaii more and more. There's a little voice inside my head that keeps telling me that there's something there that I need to understand before I'm going to be able to really understand the United States.

I called up my good friend in Hawaii (I lived with her before, when I was still kind of like a kitten) and asked her if we could stay with her while we do some research about Hawaii. She said yes, we can stay as long as we like. We still have to figure out some of the details and there's a few things that need to be wrapped up before we can go anywhere, but I'm already starting to feel excited about going back and getting started.

Kim and Mimi haven't decided yet if they want to go to Hawaii or stay here in the desert. They want to go but they also want to be here for the desert flowers they think might be blossoming this spring (we had rain this winter). I told them there's lots of flowers in Hawaii - all the time. o.O

Daisy said he'll come along if we need his help. I said "Of course we need your help."

I know what you guys are wondering - if you all go to Hawaii, who's going to take care of the ants? I think the ants can run around free for a few months, they'll be just fine.

I'm going to write more in this diary this year. That's one of my new year's resolutions.

~ pinky