2.5 Million Views

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A couple of days ago we hit 2.5 million episode views over at our channel at YouTube. I'm kind of surprised that a program like ours would get so many views at a place like YouTube. It's not ha-ha funny, we don't have any sexy pictures, etc. We originally decided to put our videos up at YouTube only because some people had written to us saying that they couldn't watch our videos on our website (QuickTime incompatibility, etc.). Now more people watch The Pinky Show over there than over here. I bet most of the people over at YouTube don't even know we have a website.

The other day, a human being friend came over and we were reading through some of the YouTube comments and private messages we've received over the past few weeks. Some of the more outrageous ones really made us roll our eyes:

"fucking fags, go watch the news the UN autherized the 2003 invasion, no terrorist in iraq? SADDAM WAS A GOD DAMN TERRORIST!!! no WMDs, go ask the kurds if he had weapons of mass destruction, fuckin dumb whore, my and cousin served proudly in Iraq and dont need any of ur hippie shit." - YouTube user 75ranger101

"What The Fuck!!! First, you have NO RIGHT to bash the military in any way!! They fight so people can have the opinions they have, they risk there lives to protect OUR FREEDOM!!! Soldiers are given orders and they follow them, they don't ask questions they simply do as they are told. Second, whether or not the reason's for being in the middle east are legal or not is'nt the point. I lost family both on 9/11 and in the middle east, I find it bullshit that you would spend so much time ranting about an issue that is not up to you. Your cat looks high and your simply repeating something someone had ALREADY bitched about.....MOVE ON!!!!" - YouTube user dragonslayer9342

"FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKS. "Educational" its all propaganda go fuck youselves you fucking pieces of shit... etc." - YouTube user ingderf (that first sentence is almost brilliant in its simplicity...)

Afterwards she was asking us if it bothers us that we get so many YouTube messages that are filled with anger, hate, and threats. She looked surprised when I said 'no'. I don't really have any feeling about it other than to say that I think it's a good resource for us. The comments - even the really stupid ones - give us some kind of idea how people out there are 'thinking' about the issues. I'm not surprised that there are hundreds of square miles worth of stupid people out there. And to a certain extent I'm actually kind of impressed by it. It's a reminder that our society has had to work extremely hard to make people that stupid. I don't believe that human beings can be born that stupid; I'm pretty sure that kind of stupidity has to be intentionally cultivated. And I'm sure it cost a lot of money too.

Actually I think it's kind of funny that my friend was under the impression that it's some kind of emotional burden to have a million or so people 'out there' hate you, wish pox on you, and so on. I had to remind her that we're cats and we don't care what human beings think about us.

~ pinky