New Episode: Museums, etc.

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Hi everybody. We just posted a new episode - it's supposedly about museums, but actually it's also an introduction to the ideological nature of all cultural institutions. This is the first episode where Kim does the presentation and I'm guessing it'll be most popular with our friends in cultural studies, museum studies, studio arts, and other stuff like that. We'll be doing some follow-up episodes in the future on this subject-area, for now we just wanted to make a small opening. Here it is:

We Love Museums... Do Museums Love Us Back?

Also, I wanted to point out that we made a free, downloadable poster that goes along with the episode. If you want it, you can retrieve it (it's a PDF file) from the We Love Museums... entry in the episode archives list:

Pinky-in-a-museum-display-case poster

We've got a lot of stuff going on around here, please check back often as several of our episodes are entering the final stages of production and we'll be posting them as we finish them.

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- Bunny