Old News: U.S. Divvied Up Iraqi Oil Before 9/11

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I'm always fascinated by how powerful people go about doing their history-changing business. I like news stories like the one below (60 Minutes, Inside the Bush White House, 2004) because they offer a nice little peek behind the closed doors of the White House.

Like, did you know that in January 2001, President Bush's National Security Council was already trying to figure out how justify a U.S. overthrow of the Iraqi government, the best plan for occupying Iraq, and (my favorite part) how to award worldwide contracts for Iraqi oil? [3:40] No? How about this - does anybody still remember that in 1999/2000 then-presidential candidate George W. Bush ran a campaign platform that was critical of the Clinton administration's excessive use of foreign interventionism and nation building? [6:10] Oooh the irony...

Actually, the real reason why I'm writing a diary entry today is because I'm testing a new interface that's supposed to make it easier for us to post videos in this blog. If it works good then maybe we'll post and discuss more videos from now on. Here's the video below in two parts.

- Bunny

Part 1:

Part 2: