re: YouTube censoring Pinky Show, etc.

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Last Friday I mentioned that we have been receiving e-mails from some people in Europe saying that they can no longer access our What's Wrong with GMOs? episode at YouTube. Well, the story checks out: visiting the YouTube site via an anonymous European proxy server returns the message 'video not available' if you try to access the GMO video. Okay. But looking into the matter I'm discovering that there's actually all kinds of weird things going on at YouTube.

For example: If you do a YouTube search for 'GMO', our What's Wrong with GMOs? video - although being the most popular video on the subject by far - is buried way down in page 3 results, right next to all the other videos nobody ever watches. Our Islands at Risk: Genetic Engineering in Hawaii video is also receiving the same treatment (search: "GMO taro").

Some of our YouTube subscribers have e-mailed us asking why they've been 'unsubscribed' from our YouTube channel. Others have been asking us if we've been deleting their comments (we never delete comments).

Strangely enough, if you do a search for "Iraq War Illegal", our The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal? video still pops in at number 1 (1 million+ views). Our Vietnam War video comes in on the first page of returns, as does our illegal immigration video. So why is our GMO episode (only ~40,000 views) being suppressed in Europe? Is it related to the pressure the U.S. is exerting on European countries to accept GMO? I don't know.

As you can imagine it's going to be very difficult to find out what exactly is going on at YouTube/Google. Censoring a nobody organization like The Pinky Show is easy - we're not the New York Times and don't have a small army of researchers or lawyers to look into this.