New Video: Na Maka o ka Aina's We Are Who We Were

Added on by PS Cat02.

We have a new area of our PS website. It's called "Pinky Presents" and it features educational videos made by others. I made this area because in spite of trying to be super clear that we didn't make Islands at Risk: Genetic Engineering in Hawaii, we got several e-mails sent to us that made us realize that some people out there thought we made that video. Well we don't want to take credit for anybody else's work so now we have this new area.

Anyway, in addition to having the new area, there is also a new video in that area for you to watch. It is also by Na Maka o ka Aina and is called We Are Who We Were: From Resistance to Affirmation. When was the last time you got to see a video about Native Hawaiian sovereignty from a Native perspective? The Na Maka website has about a hundred videos - go check it out. I haven't seen them all but in my opinion Faces of the Nation and Act of War: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation should be required viewing for every American.

- Bunny

[ Update: the Pinky Presents area is now closed. ]