Support Noho Hewa!

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Tonight I'm just going to make a very short, direct appeal to everyone reading this diary entry. Bunny and I had a chance to see a prescreening of Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaii. The film is absolutely amazing, but it is also not yet finished. The filmmaker, Keala Kelly, needs a little more money to wrap things up before she can send it out into the world.

We had a chance to meet Keala while we were in Hawaii and we were very impressed with her work. But tonight when we saw a draft version of her film we were just blown away. It is so powerful and people need to see this film. Please go to the Noho Hewa website to learn about the project and make a donation. It's not often that we all have a chance to help bring something so good and relevant to completion!

Goodnight. ~ pinky