Sheep Week

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You know how sometimes you won't hear anybody say the word 'sheep' for ages and ages but then suddenly you'll have a few days in a row where you'll suddenly have a bunch of conversations about sheep, or repeatedly bump into a variety of sheep-related things?


Well this week has been Sheep Week for me. If you're not into sheep you might want to stop reading this blog entry now - no politics or education commentary today.

Sheep Story #1: Sometimes when I'm feeling stressed out, I like to sew things. Lately I've been sewing dolls and handbags (they make good presents) and I've been making most of it out of felt I buy at a craft store. Well last week I was browsing the internet when I came across a supplier that sells 100% wool felt (I'd never seen 'real' felt before - the felt I get at the craft store is actually synthetic and fairly cheap). The wool company had sample cards that you could request, so I did. The felt samples arrived yesterday and wow, real wool felt is just flat-out gorgeous. It feels a hundred times better than the synthetic stuff and it comes in really beautiful, rich colors too. It's expensive though - $45 per yard - but when I imagine how amazing my handbags would look if I made them out of this real felt I really want some. If I start saving some money now I'm pretty sure I can buy some later this summer. By the way, if you're wondering what this has to do with sheep, wool comes from sheep. [I had to add this last sentence because Kim just walked by and asked me "What does this have to do with sheep?"]


Sheep Story #2: There's a great story and photo essay in the New York Times today about sheep shearing.



Ha ha!

Sheep Story #3: I just found out that my friend Teacup used to herd sheep.

- Bunny