Video: Peace, Propaganda, & The Promised Land (2004)

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Recently Bunny, Mimi, and I had watched Peace, Propaganda, & The Promised Land: The U.S. Media & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and thought that it was really excellent. Tonight as I was following up trying to learn a bit more about the Media Education Foundation (the people who produced this video) I found out that this documentary is actually available in its entirety (1 hr. 20 min.) via Google Video. The analysis provided in the film is extremely important - I sincerely hope everyone who reads this blog takes the time to watch the film and share it with others. Our mini-review of the film is here. ~ pinky


[ note from Bunny: One of the things I thought was extremely important in this film was how carefully it examines the use of language in creating consciousness and controlling opinions. We all 'use' language but generally don't spend much time thinking specifically about exactly how we are using it or how it is connected to specific configurations of power. The Media Education Foundation has a catalog of films that deal with the politics of representation - in television, music, video games, schools, etc. Check them out: ]