Hawaii People's Fund on YouTube

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The Hawaii People's Fund, along with the Hawaii Community Foundation, are the folks that gave us the grants that has allowed us to work on the Hawaii series. I just found out HPF has a video on YouTube - please check them out.

We've received a few e-mails from people asking when we'll be releasing the Hawaii: The Colony series. Well, the short answer is (not to be a smartass...): "When we're ready." Producing an interconnected series of episodes is a lot more complicated than making any of the individual, 'self-contained' videos we've done before. We've designed each episode to relate to the others in the series, but we're also hoping that each one will also be able to stand on its own to some extent. None of this is easy to do - capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism aren't exactly the stuff of dinner-table conversation here in the U.S., and explaining how they're all linked together is even more of a challenge. And doing it using easy-to-understand language is a challenge deluxe! (Seriously, I think if it were easy to do somebody else would have already done it.)

Personally, the best thing about working on this project has been how much it's forced me to rethink many of the assumptions and feelings I have about U.S. history, and actually the meaning of the United States itself. It's been profoundly clarifying for me, I hope some of you will find it useful too. (Uh, I mean, when it comes out... Sorry, I think because I can see the whole thing all finished in my head I keep on talking about it like it's already done...) There are some parts where the writing still needs to be fleshed out but I'd say it's about 80% done.

So please be patient - we are working very hard over here! ^_^



[ note from Bunny: I think the first Star Wars movie took something like four years to make, so we are right on schedule. ]