One Student Takes The Oath!

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Yay! Two years after publishing our mini-episode Students Against Rice Eaters, we receive this e-mail:

message: I think the Hippocratic oath is a brilliant idea. Here is my draft of it:
"I will honor the gift of my life, and others by using my skills to manifest peace and end suffering. I will not use my education and skills to increase the suffering of mankind either directly or indirectly. I will act on this pledge above personal or national economic gains and ambitions."
Manifest Peace,
Dongguk University, Seoul, S. Korea

Judging by the e-mails we receive (or in this case, don't receive), this episode is probably one of our least popular episodes. Which is kind of sad because to me, I think this is actually one of our most important episodes. People write us e-mails all the time asking things like "Yes, I agree with your points but what can I do?" Well, when I feel like I'm in an advice-giving mood I often write back saying something like "Stop supporting unfair, oppressive, and violent practices." Which also implies that we'd have to start with an examination of all our relationships, know how our thoughts and actions are connected to the lives of others, etc., etc. - none of this is easy to do. But everything I know about history suggests this is a practical way to start bringing about change. Even the U.S. war machine - arguably the most powerful, violent institution the world has ever known - needs a regular somebody to go make toast in the morning.

~ pinky


[ note from Bunny: For those of you who have never watched the video, here it is - all 1 minute 36 seconds of it! ]