Commons Gallery Grand Opening!

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We've just opened a brand new area on our website called the Commons Gallery. There's not much in it at the moment but we'll keep adding content in the coming months. In the future we think this area will become a very important part of our Pinky Show project.

posted by Bunny.

Update (6/16): We just got word from the Arlington Arts Center exhibition curator that the title of the upcoming show will be Picturing Politics, 2008: Artists Speak to Power.

"The intersection of art and politics will be the subject of an exhibition organized by Washington artist, independent curator, and critic Rex Weil. The show will examine a wide array of strategies in contemporary visual arts for addressing controversial issues and promoting social change in a political landscape dominated by mass media." (from the AAC website)

If any of you in the Washington, D.C. area are able to go to the show, we'd be really grateful if you could take a snapshot of our work installed in the museum for us. This will be our first art show and it'd be really cool if we could post a picture of that to our website! Thanks, Bunny