Fire Extinguishers: Very Useful

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Today I accidentally started an oven fire when I was trying to make frozen french fries (I like french fries). I was pre-heating the oven to 400°F when I went back to my computer for a few more minutes of script writing. Bad idea! I started smelling smoke a couple minutes later and when I went to go check what was going on the oven was already on fire. It's a good thing I had a fire extinguisher nearby. I shot the stove with it and the fire was out in 1 second. That's the first time in my life I've ever had a chance to use a fire extinguisher, and suddenly I have a new respect for them. Spending $10 for a small one is infinitely better than watching your trailer burn down to the ground!

1. Never leave a stove unattended, not even for a little while.
2. Always have a fire extinguisher around.

When I saw the fire, which was actually pretty big by the time I saw it, I thought for a couple of seconds "Hmm... how do I put that out?" before remembering we bought a fire extinguisher a couple of years ago. I hope everybody reading this who don't already have a one around the house goes and buys one right away. If it's not roasting a marshmallow, fire is really scary!

I ended up making the french fries on the stove top (the burners still work), but it doesn't taste as good as baked.

Go buy a fire extinguisher!

Your friend,


[ note from Kim: Pinky, marshmallows are not vegetarian-friendly. They have gelatin in them, which usually comes from animal hides, bones, or hoofs-n-stuff. ]


[ Bunny: That's a myth - gelatin isn't made of hoofs. But still, you two should probably stay away from Jell-O if you want to avoid the boiled pig skin. Also true of Gummy Bears and many cheesecakes. ]