Must-See Film: The W0r1d Acc0rd1ng t0 M0nS@nt0

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Why is my title all weird-looking? Well, because every time this video has been posted somewhere on the internet, it's been pulled down very quickly. Hopefully using this top-secret, un-Google-able spelling tactic will help it stay under the radar a bit longer!

This eye-opening documentary was produced for French television by Marie-Monique Robin. It hasn't been shown to the American public yet (will it ever?) - which is too bad, because this documentary will blow your mind. Try to watch it as soon as possible (now is a good time!), as no one knows how long the video will be online before it's pulled again. The Hemowai Bros. are fighting corporate America and risking lawsuit in order to try to get everyone this information.

If you drag your feet and the video (below) is no longer available, please consider ordering the DVD from the filmmaker and hold screenings for your friends. Spread the word - M0ns@nt0 must be stopped, and can be stopped, but it will take the efforts of lots of ordinary citizens to do it. The future of the planet is in your hands!

If the above video doesn't work, you can try going here.