PS Art On Its Way To Virginia

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Yesterday morning we shipped our Pinky Show stuff to Arlington for the Picturing Politics 2008 exhibition. I couldn't believe how expensive it was to ship - I think it was about $160 - more if you include the ridiculous amount of bubblewrap and coroplast Pinky used to wrap everything up. (Can you say "anal retentive"?)

Dear Washington, D.C.,

To your eventual dissolution as a perpetrator of global violence.


pinky & Bunny
July 2008

Anyway, if any of you live near Washington D.C., please go see the show (August 15-September 27). And if you could take a picture of our work in the show, that'd be great because we can't afford to actually travel to Arlington to see the show ourselves. If we get any good pictures of our work installed in the AAC galleries I'd like to include it in the On Native Land entry in our Commons Gallery.

By the way, in response to questions about the art pieces (For example, "But what does it mean???", etc.), Pinky has expanded the explanatory notes that appear as mouse-overs in the gallery. You have to put your cursor over the picture in order to have the notes pop up.



[ Kim: Lost in all this is Bunny forgot to mention that the art work came out really beautiful! Just wanted to say that! ^_^ ]