Bunny Mailbag: Priorities; LHC Thing.

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This e-mail from today, July 6 is in response to our recently posting a 1 hour 10 min episode:

Hi Pinky,
I'm really glad you posted a video about the occupation in Iraq. I agree and a lot of other voters agree that this is the number 1 issue on our minds. However I notice your videos are getting way too longer tho. Over an hour is a huge time commitment in today's world. I'm sure you would be able to influence more people, especially busy people like me if you'd stick to your shorter lengths. Busy people tend to be highly educated with jobs and other commitments. Personally I can do 20 minutes tops and 5 is even better. I totally support you guys but I think your going in the wrong direction with the timing.

My reply:

Hello David. We realize many people have attention-span and commitment problems when it comes to certain kinds of activities: self-education, cleaning up the environment, stopping bombs from falling on children, etc. Our assumption is that your 'lack of time' is simply a reflection of your priorities, and we don't think it makes sense for us to get involved with such matters. For example, no one would appreciate it if we advised them to free up an hour in their busy schedule by not watching American Idol, skipping a few meals (or trips to the bathroom for that matter), or simply waking up ten minutes earlier every day for a week. That would be pointless and annoying. So our policy is to not care about whether or not you have time to watch our episodes. Thanks. Bunny

E-mail number two, from Gigi:

Scientists call it an atom smasher. I was wandering if you guys heard of it. It's also called LHC. The main purpose with this LHC is to find dark matter. (or find out more about dark matter.) They're spending over millions of dollars to make this work. It was suppose to be launched in 2012 but it is now announced to be launched this year. (2008 Early August) Many scientist fear it will create a black hole and destroy the earth. Sounds like a sci fi movie doesn't it? I was wandering if you guys can look more into it. In my personal opinion, it doesn't sound like it's worth it. What do you guys think? - Gigi

And here is my reply to Gigi:

Dear Gigi, I have not heard about the LHC ("Large Hadron Collider", I looked it up) before receiving your e-mail. I am interested in anything that has the ability to make black holes, even if they are micro black holes. And of course any machine that can possibly crush the entire planet into nothingness is an attention catcher. To be practical though, our (cats) backgrounds in particle physics is fairly limited and we're probably not the best group to be asking about the safety of this project. For example, the European Organization for Nuclear Research has assured the public via its website that although the LHC will be able to produce "an energy that no other particle accelerators have reached before", higher energy levels are routinely produced in nature during cosmic-ray collisions. Do I know what cosmic-ray collisions are? No. Should I concerned? I have no idea. Thanks for the e-mail though, I will be thinking of you when I read in the headlines that Switzerland has disappeared into a black hole. Thanks, Bunny

End of Bunny Mailbag for today.

- Bunny