Wikipedia Vandalism

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Here's an e-mail we received today from Ricsen:

Hi Pinky, your wikipedia page was spoiled by a stupid person. It make me sad to see that. 
Don't stop your good work!
Best regards. Ricsen

First of all, thank you to Ricsen for pointing this out to us. And yes, I think it's pretty cool that the Pinky Show has an entry in the Wikipedia.

Second, this kind of thing doesn't bother me. I think I might feel a little excited (in a good way) if the vandalism was very clever or funny, because then that would suggest that we have real critics out there, instead of people like this. I think Kim is the only one who gets upset when we receive threats or hate mail - the rest of us just roll our eyes and go on with our business. Maybe someone will clean this up, but if not, that's okay too.

~ pinky

* * * * * Bunny's comments below * * * * *


One of more interesting things about this vandalism is how much it reveals about the vandal:

• White, male, heterosexual, late-20's to mid-30's. Probably a college graduate.
• Not too smart. He's trying hard but can't quite pull it off.
• He's totally unaware as to how easy it is for others to see his intellectual shortcomings.
• Preoccupied with sex and women but unable to have a healthy relationship with either.
• He feels like he doesn't get enough attention and desperately wants some.
• People like this are often unable to recognize their own privileged status in relation to others. In fact they often imagine that they are part of an unfortunate class that constantly comes under attack, supposedly by the very people whose subjugation they actively participate in. Because they don't understand the concept of resistance, they see any opposition to the oppression they dish out as whining, illegitimate, violent, or nonsensical. These people are by nature self-centered and can only drink beer with 'friends' who are equally insecure about their place in the world. Unfortunately no amount of beer can erase the creeping suspicion that they are assholes.

- Bunny


[ pinky: Gee, thanks for the analysis Dr. Bunny! And by the way, is 'asshole' the clinical term? ]


[ Bunny: I'm just saying. What, do you disagree with anything I wrote? ]


[ pinky: Hmm, not really... lol ]