Picturing Politics 2008 Exhibition Opens!

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Today is finally September 15 - opening day of the exhibition Picturing Politics 2008: Artists Speak to Power at the Arlington Arts Center in Arlington, Virginia! As we mentioned in some previous posts, we are very excited to have some of our art, videos, and ephemera in this exhibition. I hope someone who lives in the Washington, D.C.-area will be able to attend and let us know how our stuff looks in the show. If anybody sends us photographs we'll post them here!

Later this year (November) we will be participating in another art/radical education exhibition, this one at the Musuem of Modern Art in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Of course we are excited about that one too - they will be showing some of our videos and we are also making a special episode specifically for that exhibition. When we have more details we will be posting them on this website. Looks like the last quarter of 2008 will be pretty crazy! ^_^

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