Everything Has a Spirit + I Can Hear Gandhi

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Pinky & Bunny are busy audio recording today so I'm bored and blogging.

First thing I want to say is "Everything has a spirit." I have no proof of this, but I think it's totally okay to write diary entries about things that are not yet proven as facts but maybe fall under the big category of "beliefs". Question though - how can something like this be proven? I have no idea and I don't really care. When I was younger I could hear almost everything talking to me, even fruit and staplers. Everybody thought I was crazy, even Mimi. Or they said "She's just a kitten." It's not just cats who like to pretend that we are so unique in the spirit-world, I notice human beings are the same way. Actually, deep down I think lots of people want to believe everything has a spirit but if they stop and think about it using the officially approved thinking methods, then they make conclusions, "No, only we are so special to have a spirit" which to me is totally ridiculous. But as I said earlier I have no proof. This is funny though - if you put fake eyes on a picture of anything suddenly people will say "Hey look at that talking stapler!", no problem.


Related topic: Here is a very, very rare audio recording of Gandhi. Everybody's heard of Gandhi but almost no one has heard his voice before. Maybe you saw a movie about him but that's not the same thing.

Come to think of it how do we know this is really Gandhi's voice? Unless you were there and made the recording yourself, why would you believe me that this is Gandhi? Do you believe me just because I showed you an old album cover?

I think it's very unpredictable what we are willing to accept as proof of something on a day to day basis.

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