Educator's Survey

Added on by PS Cat02.

We've created a new survey for teachers/educators.

Feedback is very important to us - it not only helps us to understand how people are using our work; positive quotes and testimonials are also very helpful when we submit grant applications. So if you do any kind of teaching - at a school, university, community center, your living room, or anywhere else for that matter - please help us to make a difference by taking a few minutes to fill out a survey.

So if you know any teachers that use/love/hate The Pinky Show, please send them the above link. Or, if you know any teachers who don't already know about the Pinky Show project, please introduce them to our website. We don't have a budget for advertising, public relations, or marketing - everything is 'word of mouth'. Thank you!

For those of you feeling left out, don't worry. We'll be coming out with a student survey in the near future.