Fundraising Success!

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Hello everybody - I have a very happy announcement to make...

Due to the support of many, many people, I am happy to report that this past year (2008) we were able to meet the challenge grant from the Pierre & Pamela Omidyar Fund! YES!!! The bar was set at $40,000 - double what we'd thought possible, and to be honest, up until almost the very end of the year we all thought that we probably weren't going to be able to meet the goal. But an eleventh hour push of many small- and medium-size donations, plus a grant from the Hawaii People's Fund, PLUS a totally unexpected, out-of-the-blue big donation helped us squeak by the $40,000 mark at the very end! Unbelievable! It was like rolling a bowling ball down the wooden hallway thing and knocking down all the bowling dolls! Now we can pay our electricity and food bills - thank goodness!

The main thing this means for The Pinky Show project is that we'll be able to keep on doing it. We have big plans and we are determined to bring them into reality. I hope you can tell that Bunny and I love working on this project - we have all this love for the world of human beings and ideas, and even though this is a small project, we are trying to grow something that we think is good. We don't have kittens but it is kind of like trying to raise good kittens (I imagine). So, our sincerest 'thank you' to all of you who've helped us to continue what we hope will be a long-term project.

Sincerely yours,