Bunny Mailbag: Celebrating Columbus Day

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From our e-mail:

Hi Pinky & Bunny, I notice you guys haven't been very actively lately. I was wondering How are you planning on celebrating Columbus Day today? What is your take on all these people who say he was a murderer? Do you agree? Josh

My reply to Josh:

"Not very active lately"? Don't piss me off.
And regarding Columbus Day, we're going to celebrate the same way most everybody else celebrates Columbus Day here in America. First we're going to watch baseball on TV, then we'll toast Columbus with a few beers, then finally we'll drive our automobile to a shopping mall so we can spend money on THINGS. We celebrate all our genocidal favorites (Alexander, Hitler, Henry Kissinger, Pol Pot, etc.) on their respective special days like this. Why, you do it different?

Incidentally, Venezuelans should lay off the history books.

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