Bunny Mailbag: When "no nuance is good nuance"

Added on by PS Cat02.

Well we seem to have touched a sensitive nerve with our mini-zine. Quite a few hate mails - not a ton because it's still day one - but still very impressive. I'm always fascinated by all these people who swear up and down how much they hate us but they still keep watching our show. What's up with that?

Keep the hate mail coming. It's very useful to us. Personally I think most of them are just over-the-top stupid and I think it's a waste of time to respond, but Pinky's always studying them and making notes on which points and arguments keep popping up. In the end we use them as a starting point for understanding what we need to address in our future work. So, I guess I should say, "Thank you, idiots".

Anyway, we did recieve this encouraging e-mail from Greg. Pinky had mentioned in her What's New update that a couple of our critics had slammed our mini-zine for not being "nuanced". A nuanced mini-zine? Hmm. Here's Greg's take on it:

Pinky, Thanks again for your wonderful website, videos, and other presentations. Speaking of 'nuance', your "How to Get Free Land in 5 Easy Steps" speaks to Native American, Australian Aboriginal, and many other situations where indigenous peoples have been exploited and displaced by colonialists and imperialists. It also speaks directly to the Israeli 'ethnic cleansing' of the Palestinians as a means of confiscating their land. Once again, Pinky has succeeded masterfully in presenting a simple summation which effectively clarifies the moral issues of a social or political problem. Sometimes, by avoiding specifics, a 'lack of nuance' allows the reader room to interpret the message in a wider context.

Pinky and I had a conversation today on the responsibility of ordinary cats (human beings also ok) to publicly take stands against violence and injustice, whether the stand happens to be popular or not. We'll be making that into a video.