Every Person Makes a Difference

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I received this video from Phiya a while ago but kept on hesitating to put it up because I wanted the Palestine videos up at the top of the blog, etc. Well today there was a huge traffic accident near here and three people died. Human beings - please, PLEASE drive more carefully. Life is so precious and you really do not have to be where you are going just a few minutes sooner...

Please take care,

[ Kim: People always seem to forget that cars are very death-possible. Please treat your car like it is a killing machine because that's exactly what it can do. Go ask Bunny. ]


[ Bunny: I was the only one from my litter that didn't die under the wheels of a car. All of my brothers and sisters (5) are gone. But this video isn't about cats getting hit by cars. ]


[ note from Pinky: My favorite thing about this video is that it is a reminder that there are 10,000 things that we experience in our daily lives that we are not understanding. This person is a philosopher and he's using everything he has to change himself and also the world around him. Maybe it seems small, but isn't it good? Sorry, I forgot to add the website: http://trafficwaves.org/ ]


[ Kim: I know, I'm just saying cars are heavy and they go fast so they're inherently dangerous. But people just drive them unconsciously like a bad habit and then we're the ones who get runned over.]