New Mini-Zine & How To Mini-Zine Video + Update

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The State of Hawaii is currently trying to get permission from the U.S. Supreme Court to have the right to sell lands that were stolen from Native Hawaiians. The lands in question were illegally seized back in 1893 (overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom's government), and 100+ years later none of it is getting any less stolen! Put simply, the land rightfully belongs to the Hawaiian people.

We recently attended a protest on this issue and had made a small informational booklet (mini-zine) called How to Get FREE LAND in 5 easy steps to pass out while we were there. You can download a copy here (also, this video will show you how to cut/fold it). It's a tiny little gesture, but still, we'll keep reminding anyone who'll listen that the ongoing historical process of imperialism & native dispossession (that this particular issue is but one facet of) continues to be an affront to human rights & dignity everywhere. - Bunny


2/27 Update by Pinky: Wow, what a flood of response to the mini-zine we posted last night! First of all: YES, WE ALREADY KNOW that the mini-zine "lacks nuance". It's a 5 page, 2.75" x 4.25" book for goodness sake! It's called agit-prop (agitation-propaganda) - sheesh... And yes, we know that the tiny book raises many important questions that it doesn't answer. We are still working on a series of episodes that attempts to describe and interpret the meaning of settler colonialism. It's not an easy subject to talk about - I imagine it's a bit like trying to explain to a giant 500-year old, 80-foot tall octopus (that eats cats) that yes, you really are an octopus (you need to look in the mirror) even if all these years you've been telling everyone that you are a regular-sized squid. You are what you are. A separate question: What are you going to be? ~ pinky