Anon Cat: "I'm Dead" (?)

Added on by PS Cat02.

Tenorina the librarian was nice enough to send us a link to this photo.

(photo by davenin)

The caption says "David Shrigley @ Carnegie International, Pittsburgh, 2008". I'm going to guess that the cat in the photo is dead/stuffed (I realize she's holding a sign that says "I'm dead" but not everything you read is true), mostly because the pose appears somehow not totally natural and also the position of her left arm seems a bit awkward (as in "death-like awkward"). So what's going on here? Did Mr. Shirgley (an artist) write the sign as if he was the cat? Or was the cat forced to make the sign before being killed and stuffed? Or was she perhaps the victim of a terminal disease? This is why I think art is very important - there are always many more questions than answers!

Thank you to Tenorina, David Shrigley, museum people, Davenin, and also inventor of the internet for bringing anonymous dead cat to me.