Bunny & I going to Kaho'olawe

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Hi everybody!

Sorry we've gotten so behind with our e-mail correspondence lately. Bunny and I are furiously trying to finish up some production work before heading off to Kaho'olawe. We got an unexpected invitation to go to Kaho'olawe and we immediately jumped at the opportunity. For us it will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I'd heard that if you want to go there usually you have to put your name on a waiting list and then you sit there for maybe a couple of years before it's finally your turn. But the way this unfolded was that we were talking to an anthropologist friend of ours the other week and out of the blue she says, I'm going to Kaho'olawe - you wanna come too? YES WE WANT TO GO TOO!

While we're there we'll be planting various flora (long-term re-vegetation project) and moving rocks around. In our spare time we'll try to take photos and record our impressions of whatever we see there. The U.S. military seized Kaho'olawe immediately after the start of World War II and bombed & shot at that tiny island for around 50 years as a "practice target" and training area. As you can imagine this little island is pretty messed up so we're going to try our best to try to heal it at least a little bit.

We're not going to have computer access or even electricity while we're on Kaho'olawe. I hear the stars are amazing but I'm not looking forward to bathing in the ocean (yuck). We'll get re-attached to the internet as soon as we get back, unless we step on UXO or drown during the landing. Please cross fingers for us!

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Take care,