2,000+ tons? Is that a lot of poison?

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A couple of days ago I read an outrageous news story and I've been thinking about it a lot since then. Here's an excerpt:

The University of Hawaii's two submersibles will spend 15 days beginning Monday filming and taking water and sediment samples south of Pearl Harbor... Chemical weapons were reportedly dumped at two sites: The largest amount of chemical weapons believed to have been dumped in island waters is in an area 10 miles west of the Waianae Coast. The Army thinks 2,000 tons of lewisite, mustard, hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen chloride were discarded in this area. An additional 19 tons of mustard gas encased in 100-pound bombs and 155 mm and 75 mm projectiles were discarded 10 miles south of Pearl Harbor between 1932 and 1944.
 the sub (from  NOAA website )

the sub (from NOAA website)

Lewisite and mustard gas (blister agents): Effects are irritation and damage to skin and mucous membranes, pain and injury to the eyes and, when inhaled, damage to respiratory tract.
Hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen chloride (blood agents): When inhaled, will interfere with tissue oxygenation process, especially in the brain. (Source: U.S Army)

Tonight I was telling Bunny about what the military did and I said something like "I still can't believe anybody would do something this crazy." First she shot me the "O RLY?" look, then said something like, "If I tried I could probably find 10 equally-depressing news articles every day." I caught myself trying to figure out if that was an exaggeration or not ("maybe she'd only be able to find five equally-depressing articles every day...?"), before realizing that that's totally beside the point.

Sometimes I feel like there's so much bad things going on out there that I feel almost paralyzed with hopelessness. Which is probably why Bunny and I are friends. When I get depressed she always reminds me that nobody can fix the whole world all at once, all by themselves. Bunny says: "Just choose one thing that you think is good and then keep doing it until you're dead." I guess that makes sense.

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