Life Over Death

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For a variety of reasons I don't believe in the death penalty, the most obvious one being that it has been well-documented that many innocent people have been wrongly put to death.

Troy Davis is two weeks from execution in the state of Georgia, even though there is a considerable amount of evidence to suggest that Troy Davis may be innocent. 7 of the 9 prosecution's witnesses at Mr. Davis's trial have since recanted or contradicted their testimony. Several of the witnesses have said that they made their statements under intense police pressure and coercion. There needs to be a hearing on the question of the reliability of the evidence that was used to convict Mr. Davis - not an execution!

In order to stop his execution, people need to speak up. Please send a pre-written letter (or write your own, that's great too) to Sonny Perdue, the Governor of Georgia, regarding this matter. It only takes a minute and really could save a man's life (it's happened before). [ click here ]

Short, powerful video: Interview with an Executioner (2003). Please watch and forward to friends!

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