Pinky Show featured in elPeriódico!

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¡Hola! A couple of days ago we received an e-mail from a Mr. Hernández of elPeriódico de Guatemala (a daily newspaper) informing us that he wrote a short article about our We Love Museums... episode, as this past Monday was "International Museum Day". We are always very happy to be written about, but to make an appearance in a Guatemalan newspaper is extra special for us since we got to meet some of the H.I.J.O.S. people last year in Slovenia (we miss you!!!). We have been doing some studying about the history of Guatemala since then and also (slooowly) trying to learn Spanish.

Here is the article - please click on the picture below to open a bigger PDF version.

Or you can read a translated-to-English (thanks Google) version by clicking here.

Thank you to Mr. Hernández! The elPeriódico de Guatemala website is at:

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[ note from Kim: I have never seen my face that big before! Wow! I feel famous! ]