Today in Congress

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I know I spend a lot of time bad-mouthing American politicians - I don't like them. Recently I've decided to stop watching those guys on CSPAN while I eat lunch - two times I threw up because of the ridiculous lies they heap upon the American people, not to mention the rest of the world. But once in a while someone has the audacity to say something honest and clear, like today, while debating the war supplemental:

"Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, had no intention or capability of attacking United States, had nothing to do with Al-Qaida's role in 9/11, and each and every statement made by the previous administration in support of going to war turned out to be false.
"Yet here we are. A new administration and the same old war, with an expansion of the war in Afghanistan. We cannot afford these wars. We cannot afford these wars spiritually. They are wars of aggression and they are based on lies. We cannot afford these wars financially. They add trillions to our national debt and destroy our domestic agenda. We cannot afford the human cost of these wars, the loss of lives of our beloved troops and the deaths of innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. So, why do we do this? Why do we keep funding wars when they are so obviously against truth and justice and when they undermine our military? These are matters of heart and conscience, which must be explored. Our ability to bring an end to these wars will be the real test of our power." - Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)

This guy ran for president the past couple of times. It's easy to see why he got pounded each time.


6/16 Update: Congress approves the funding. How did your representatives vote? (link to Office of the Clerk)