New Episode + IWTPYF Update

Added on by PS Cat02.

Two things to announce.

1) We have a new episode: Hawaii vs. U.S. Imperialism. You'll notice that it says "Part 3" - yeah, due to some scheduling weirdness we finished Part 3 ahead of Parts 1 and 2. No biggie. It'll be easier to grasp the broader implications of "the Hawaii thing" when all the parts of the series can be seen together, and in-sequence, but I think there are still quite a few things in the episode that stand on their own, so I hope you enjoy this one in the meanwhile. Special thanks to Dr. Teacup, expert and teacher on the subject of U.S. Imperialism in the Department of Political Science, University of the Devastated Wilderness, who was a real joy to work with over the past year or so, while we collaborated to research and write this episode.



2. I Want To Punch Your Face update: We are expecting our first shipment of IWTPYF books from the printer on Monday, so this is your last chance to pre-order! All pre-orders will be signed by me and Pinky and also include a secret, special 4"x6" Pinky Show photo that you can't get anywhere else. After Monday, no more fun promotional gimmicks! [ click here to order ]

Okay, that's all for now. More stuff coming soon.