Extra 30 Minutes Before Bed Yields Yet Another T-Shirt Design

Added on by PS Cat02.

Thirty minutes ago I was somewhere between too tired to work and not quite sleepy enough to fall asleep immediately if I'd climbed into bed. So I decided to make another t-shirt design (as if we didn't already have too many). Here it is:


I made this because today Kim and I were talking about how lately Bunny has been the grumpiest thing ever. So grumpy.

Okay, now it's 3:30am and I'm really ready for bed. Goodnight!



[ Bunny: Okay, so I'm grumpy for a few days in a row. Who cares. Not like I talk to you guys everyday. I would like it better if it said "NOT A LOLCAT". ]


[ Kim: Maybe you don't say anything but we still have to look at your big, grumpy face all day and your stomping around with your big feet. And you keep on going "grrr" and "rrgh!" and stuff like that, which is really annoying when I'm trying to concentrate on drinking my coffee. ]


[ Bunny: Excuse me for living. ]


[ Kim: I'll excuse you for being so grumpy if you put a bag over your head. ]


[ Bunny: Same effect if I put a bag over your head.]