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The Pinky Show has been invited to be in an exhibition in Belgrade. We're going to be including an interview in the catalogue so for the next few days we are accepting questions from our viewers. If you have a question that you'd like to ask, please email it to us. We'll choose the most interesting questions and arrange them into an interview for inclusion in the catalogue.

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July 5 evening update...

Holy macaroni! We're not even 24 hours into collecting questions and we've already received so many questions! Some of the questions are really good so we're excited and really looking forward to answering them! I think it'll be good to keep collecting for at least a few more days - you never know when a 'wow' question will arrive. As of right now our video has received 94 comments at YouTube (not all of them questions though). In addition to those, below are the questions we've received so far via e-mail.

Hello there, congratulations for your show, it's great. I have a question for your interview: Why do you have a policy of anonymity, i.e. why do you introduce yourselves only with pseudonyms? Also, I'm from Zagreb, Croatia, and I'd be interested in seeing the exhibition you'll be participating in in Belgrade, so if you could give me some information on that, that would be nice. Thanks and keep going, anja
What is your mission? What has been the most interesting project for you? What has been the most rewarding experience for you? If you had a wish, what would you wish for? What have you learned about your guests/visitors who have visited your site over the years? To fry your brain on.........why is it so difficult to be so simple (in conveying a thought, demonstrating a concept)?
good cat *scratches your head*
Hello Pinky, I love your show =) the topics u talk about are pretty interesting and valuable. Recently I made a pseudo summer camp with some friends of mine, we went to my summer house and watched some documentaries and movies about topics that we often ignore or don't talk about, here's the whole list: Surplus /Zeitgeist / Jesus Camp / Das Experiment / The Corporation / Flow / Besides, I showed em' a lot of your videos, mostly the ones about education, injustice, war and some other... they really liked you and claimed each day for more D= but I ran out of videos. / We talked about the topics we saw in those videos, mainly they were: Animal and environment cruelty (Actually Im a vegetarian and I tried to explain my friends the benefits of it =P individually and for the world), Control systems (schools, jails, religion), Consumerism (a way of keeping people ignorant and silent), Warfare and the human race decadency (Zeitgeist scared them). Finally, possible solutions to that stuff, a hope (Your video about a global fundamental mind change was inspirational at this point). / Well, after 4 days of watching videos, talking, reading (specially a novel named Buda Blues from Mario Mendoza, maybe not yet translated but is worth reading-) and thinking about all this things... well we got pretty much scared, but still we want to do something, at least try to educate people, to pass the information that most ignore, make them conscious about certain things... / Something you should know, after hearing this, is that... we are from a third world country, we are from Colombia and that usually means to foreigners that we live in a jungle and only exist to produce guerillas and drugs, and that's quite not true. / Ok, sry for writing too much, actually this all goes to a question my friends and I have, how can we start making a difference? how can we approach to people to talk about those kind of topics? well we thought a lot about it and had some ideas: / We have and advantage, being from a third world country sometimes means we are ignored, but also could mean that we are hidden, like a stealth technique. / Internet, this powerful tool of communication can either mean the end of human race or it's salvation, it depends on the use we give it, I think u know more about it than we do. / It'd be nice if we can gather a bigger group and do things like the summer camp, and extend this stuff more, we thought about doing something like the pinky show, of course =P not making a copy or anything, we love your show and just want to ask you some advice about this things. Thanks for hearing me, I appreciate your response, take care Pinky & Co and keep working, your work are really making a change, goodbye.
Will Iran remain the same (as in a theocratic govt)? Q2: Is there a possible way 3rd world countries can get out of poverty without help from foreign loans? If possible, is a self-suffiecent based economy more suit for them rather than a globalized economy? Q3: Can Islam possibly coexist peacefully with other religions since it's a religion based on hate? Q4: All religions claim to be peaceful. Why are their followers so violent and intolerant of people of other faiths? Q5: Will the world ever stop hating and instead embrace each other as fellow human beings? Q6: How will the balance of power change as countries like China, India, and Brazil become more economically powerful? Q7: We live in a post-America world now? The "post-America" part means that the US is not the superpower it once was and it's likely on it's way to post superpowerdom. Which country or countries shall become the next global superpower? Q8: If we have WW3, what or how do you or people think will be different from the previous world wars and where will the lines be drawn? What alliances will be formed?
Pinkie, can you tell me why American citizens don't recite the Preamble to their Constitution every day (in school, at work, at civic meetings, in city, state & federal legislatures) as a reminder of what it stands for–in only 54 words–and a reminder that it is "We the People" who have all the power and delegated only SOME of it to the government we created, like Jefferson and his team wrote in the Declaration: / We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. / That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. / And starting a new government from scratch is one of the other rights retained by the people, as the Ninth and Tenth Amendments remind our government. We're the boss of them; they're not the boss of us, as my daughters used to tell me at bed-time. / Pinkie, Why do presidents and all other government officials lie to us all the time? Howcome President Bush was called The Unitary Liar-In-Chief? / Pinkie, why is our government paying rich banker-gamblers $7.2 Trillion because they made such an "amphibian fraud"* (* Tom Paine wrote that phrase; I love it. Today he probably would have used the "ph" word) out of mortgages to poor and not-so-bright people when it could have solved the whole problem by paying to keep people from being forced out of their homes? I think it would have cost us less of our money. Do you think it's fair for the people who caused a problem to be rewarded for what might even be criminal conduct? / Pinkie, can the President and Vice President of America be sentenced to death for killing people they ordered tortured to death? (see 18 USCode §2441) (125 total so far, 25+ thus far ruled "homicides". (answer: Yes, but it certainly is unlikely, given that rich and powerful people are above the law in our nation of men and money, not of laws.) / I could go on.... / best, bw

Okay, that's what we have so far. Even after one day I think we've already received better questions than if we'd been interviewed by a "professional interviewer" (whatever that is), or worse, if we had made up the questions ourselves. I'll update again tomorrow or the day after. Take care, pinky


[ comment by Bunny: You know, even though a some of the questions we've received so far kind of have a "HEY CATS I DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER???" feel to them - I still think this has been a good thing to do. It's a very direct way of finding out what's on people's minds. Reading these questions may reveal future episode subjects we would have otherwise not considered. ]


July 8 Update...

It's only been about three days but probably we can stop now. I think we have more than enough good questions to make into an interview. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions! Currently there are over 140 comments at YouTube (many of them questions), plus the following that came in via e-mail:

dear pinky show, i would like to know - what drives you to find the issues that are sometimes hard to talk about, like the iraq war and other pressing issues? thanks, ben p.s. i feel this show should reach teens in high schools in America to make them understand the world around them. ben
I often hear that the military might have wanted John F. Kennedy dead and that Oswald was innocent. What do you think of the subject matter? CL
Greetings! I and I think a lot of people first discovered the Pinky Show by searching for "international law" or some such, and were astonished. On the other hand, I instintively think schools and museums are good things, even though they may create cultural collateral damage, so to speak. So the critique is a little murky for me. Will pinky and bunny continue to explain, say, why we are in Afghanistan even though it is stupid and immoral and illegal? Etc? Or the Obama approach to torture? Etc. Of course Afghanistan is something of Museum piece. If people had gone to the Museum a few more times they would have thought twice. Such a long email, I trust Belgrade is treating you well, JOEL
What is the next phase of your project? Will you keep making videos by yourself forever or do you have plans to expand? Or are you moving into something completely different? I ask because I noticed that you cover other mediums such as books and art. Do you find these more enjoyable or effective than videos for getting your message across? A.A.
Have you ever thought about making a whole movie? Or at least a feature length documentary? (no name)
Instead of just talking, why not DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL THE PROBLEMS?????? Do you realize how talk is cheap? ALSO YOUR VOICE IS SO ANNNNOOOYYYYYIIIINNNNNGGGGGGG and greats against my ears !!!!!!!!!! (no name)

Bunny and I will sort through all the questions and pick out our favorites. I'll post something here in the What's New section when the interview is done and posted. Please stay tuned! Take care, pinky

P.S. A viewer named Jon sent us a wordle he made from all the YouTube questions:

Thanks Jon!