Japanese Small Box Toys

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Yesterday Pinky and I made our monthy trek to the Marukai Store, which is kind of like the mother ship of all Japanese Supermarkets here in California. Besides stocking up on Japanese snack foods the one thing that jumped out at us was their large selection of small box-toys. You know those small box-toys from Japan right? In case you don't know here's how they work: each toy-box shows a selection of possible toys on the back of the box, but then they don't tell you which toy is actually inside. Which means you have to keep buying boxes and boxes of toys until you finally get the specific toy you want. Some of the toys are really cool but making you buy a bunch of toys you don't want is not my idea of "exciting" - it's LAME. Anyway, this is the toy-series that had my attention:


They have little cat statues inside. Most of the cat statues in this series looked pretty boring to me but two of them looked kind of like me and Pinky. And I figured out if I squeeze the box a certain way I could peek inside, so I stood there and squeezed all the boxes and eventually I found the two toys that I wanted. So here's what I bought - this one looks just like Pinky:


Pooping. It even has a bunch of wheat grass, which is funny because she loves wheat grass for real. She's always saying, "Do we have any wheat grass?" even when we don't have any wheat grass, it's so irritating. Here is the other one, it looks like me, sort of.


Actually I'm a lot better looking than this in real life but I thought it was good that it came with a computer because I really like computers.

I've never been to Japan but I want to go one day because their toys and food is really good.

In other news, Pinky is still painting every day in preparation for our upcoming Winnipeg show; I'm working on everything else.