Over 5 million YouTube Views

Added on by PS Cat02.

A couple of days ago we passed the 5 million views mark at YouTube. I'm pretty sure the majority of those people hate us but we're happy to be the fly in their soup.

Someone recently asked us how many total viewers we have. The short answer is we don't know. In addition to YouTube, we also have people watching PS episodes at our website (which also is easy to count), but there's also lots of people coming across our stuff on various public access TV stations across the U.S., or watching downloaded videos or DVDs in classrooms and other offline situations. So we don't even try to count those ones. I'm sure there are sophisticated methodologies that marketing people use to guesstimate viewership in circumstances like ours, but we don't bother because we wouldn't know what we'd do with that information anyway.

I just think 7 million views (the ones we can count) is a lot of views. Of course we would like to have a hundred times that amount - maybe later. Thanks to all of you who've taken the time to tell your friends about The Pinky Show.